Karma is for sale


Sejlbåden S/Y Karma på langtur



Karma is for sale

Karma en-route off the coast of Tenerife 2015

When we have completed our Pacific cruising, we will put up Karma for sale.

It will be with a heavy heart, but the distance home is just to much for us, and we have to get going with the rest of our work life.


We will go home, find jobs and a house, and live the good life untill retirements. Then we will see....

For sure, we will find another boat when we get home, and cruise the Scandinavian waters in our spare time.


Take-over of Karma can offcourse be negotiated, could be Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand...


We can offer delivery or we can crew for you, for a period of time, of your choice.