Crew on S/Y Karma


Sejlbåden S/Y Karma på langtur



Want to join Karma on the journey from Panama to Marquesas? Check below to see how it is done.

Crew are regarded unpaid seamen, who are paying for their share of food, diesel, marina and other fees, and a part of the maintenance cost.

It is expensive to keep a big boat in good and safe shape, and the crews share doesn't in any way cover the costs.


The crews share is 200 DKK (app. 30 USD) pr. person pr. day.

• When everything is aggreed, a deposit of DKK 6.000 (950 USD), equal to 1 months pay, must be transferred.

• Bank information for the transfer will be given in an email.

• If you cancel your booking prior to embarkation, we will subtract a sum of DKK 4.000 (USD 630), and refund the rest.

• If you book more than one month, the rest of the payment must be transferred before you board the ship.

• We always prefer that crew are onboard minimum one month, since changing crew to often is a stress factor for the rest of the crew.


Common expenses.

Beside the USD 30 pr day, there will be additional expenses for food, diesel, gasoline, marina fees, customs clearing etc. These common expenses will vary depending on the cruising area, but it will be app. USD 300-400 pr. month pr. person.


The Panama Canal transfer is very expensive.

It is also a very big adventure. We regard the cost for the Canal transfer as common expenses, and you will be asked to pay your share of this.

It is also expensive to visit the Galapagos Islands.

But we have decided to include these islands in the trip anyway. Partly because it will divide the distance to Marquesas into two legs, but also because the islands should be fantastic to visit. Like with the Canal, the expenses to visit the Galapagos will be shared.


Expenses Panama Canal and Galapagos.

Panama Canal: Total expenses are estimated to app. USD 1.600

Galapagos: Total expenses are estimated to app. USD 2.200

With a crew of 4, including the owners, each person pays a total of USD 950 extra. For the crew, this is added to the daily cost of USD 30.

REMEMBER there will be additional cost to land trips on the islands, the amount of this will depend on your individual choices.


Pocket money, visas, vaccinations, insurance etc. are all individual, and must be covered by the crew themselves. Expenses for own travel are covered by the crew.


We will always try to adapt to the agreed schedule, but this will not allways be possible. So you have to be prepared for any possible delays or changes, which could also include change of airline tickets.